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RTI Eliminator II E4000 Spray Booth Desiccant Dryer.

RTI Eliminator II E4000 Spray Booth Desiccant Dryer.

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FULLY OPTIONED INDUSTRIAL MODEL E4000-4.  Reading Technologies Spray booth desiccant dryer designed for high-end spray finishing. Recommended by major automotive paint companies, unit is ideal for use with HVLP spray guns. "Perfect Air...Perfect Paint".

Housing 1 uses a patented 4-stage cartridge to remove Liquid Water (99.97% efficiency), Dirt (to 1 micron), and Oil (to .003 PPM).  Includes the optional differential pressure indicator (to monitor filter life), and a maintenance-free automatic float drain.

Housing 2 uses a bed of Activated Alumina desiccant to remove water vapor to a -40F dew point and less than 3% compressed air humidity (CAH). Desiccant is in an easy-to-change cartridge (no loose beads) that includes a 1 micron after-filter.  

Comes complete with a shut-off valve, auto-drain discharge hose, mounting brackets, Sight Glass dew point/desiccant life indicator, regulator, and gauge. NPT female ports (1/2" inlet and 1/4" regulated outlet).

Click Here for printable factory specification page.  

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